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Newest HR & Management-Related Articles

Buddy Up a New Employee with a Mentor

By Jeana Quigley

Back in elementary school, I remember being paired up with another child on a field trip to the zoo. It was basically a safety measure to make sure we didn’t get lost. But I think it was even more helpful so each of us felt at ease. After all, we were in a strange, big place and having the warmth of someone else’s hand inside yours made you feel you weren’t alone. Buddy systems have been used for years to allow two people to give mutual help to one another. Even though we’re...

High Expectations Lead to Excellent Performance

By Joan Lloyd

Some managers treat their subordinates in a way that leads to superior performance. How are they different from managers who fail to develop top-notch employees? A subtle yet powerful key lies in the manager's expectations of subordinates. If the expectations are high, yet attainable, productivity is likely to be excellent. This doesn't happen because a manager wishes it, nor does it have anything to do with the power of positive thinking. Physicians, behavioral scientists and educators have...

Collaborating With Others Is a Key to Success

By Beth Kuhel

During a recent consultation with a young mother, I was asked how I would have responded to her eight year old child’s statement “Mommy, Tami’s a better artist than me.” I told the inquisitive mother that with every question a child asks there is an opportunity to educate and prepare them for their future. Your answers shape a child’s perspective in significant ways and is likely to have a lasting impact on how the child navigates the complex social, academic, and work...

Most Popular HR & Management-Related Articles

Organizational structure can be underlying cause of workplace issues

By Joan Lloyd

Organizational structure, much like a human skeletal structure, determines what shape an organization will take. We don't spend much time thinking about our skeletal structure until something breaks, and so it goes with organizations. How an organization is structured basically means how the reporting relationships and work teams are organized. It reveals a great deal about the culture, function and leadership of a company. When I work with an organization, structure is one of the components I examine,...

A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff

By Janine Moon

With some clarity I remember hearing my Mother say, "That's why they call it work!" The comment usually was in response to a complaint about a seemingly difficult or distasteful task. Work, then, became synonymous with anything but play. Always difficult, and something to be suffered. While I've since discovered that "fun work" or "engaging work" is not an oxymoron, many workers have not. The results of a recent Gallup survey on employee engagement show that less than one-third of those responding...

Are there really no stupid questions?

By Gary Cohen

"There are no stupid questions," says Steve Wolff, CEO of AMS, a consulting company for the performing arts. In fact, questions that begin, "This may be a stupid question, but …" are devilishly effective. They can not only prevent misunderstandings, but also keep expectations in check. As a consultant, Steve is paid to ask questions. He's found that asking "stupid" questions gets people to open up, whereas pointed questions can put people on the defensive (at least initially). When Steve spoke...

Random HR & Management-Related Articles

Helping Successful People Get Even Better

By Marshall Goldsmith

In my role as an executive coach, I am asked to work with extremely successful leaders who want to get even better. They are key executives in major corporations. They are very intelligent, dedicated and persistent. They are committed to the success of their companies. They have high personal integrity. Most are financially independent. They are not working because they have to. They are working because they want to. Intellectually, they realize that the leadership behavior that was associated with...

How to Create a Customer-Focused Team

By Debra Schmidt

There is no magic formula for creating a team of customer-focused employees. But one thing is certain: it's the manager's responsibility to create an environment that motivates employees to want to take care of customers. In order to create a team of employees that are personally committed to service excellence, managers may need a fresh point of view. One of the great problems in customer service is the reluctance of managers to view service as a marketing strategy. Too many see it as after-sale service,...

When should I commit resources to new projects?

By Gary Cohen

"Be careful what you wish for," the old saying goes. Maybe it should be "Be careful what you begin" instead. Once you commence a project, you are (perhaps unwittingly) attaching yourself to a trajectory. If you're not careful, you may find yourself unable to hop off that trajectory, simply because you have invested too much time, money, and effort to accept failure. Motorola wanted to make consumer-based satellite phones. When they completed the first phase of their business plan (creating the technology),...