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Newest HR & Management-Related Articles

Ways to Hold Virtual Meetings that Aren’t so Bad

By Tina Jindal

For most people, attending a meeting is the most boring thing in the world. It’s time consuming and requires oodles of patience to sit through. So what happens when you decide to hold a meeting, and all the other participants go AWOL? Solution to this dilemma – conduct a virtual meeting. Almost 85% of the projects today have team members who reside in remote areas. Hence, the need for ...

5 Ways to Measure Personal Influence

By Dianna Booher

Do you know how much your personal influence is worth? How much does your organization value your contributions? Can you communicate that value to your organization? Can you use that value as a bargaining chip at the negotiating table? Your paycheck serves as one scorecard. But consider other measures for yourself: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Most leaders have personal sco...

Managers' Do's and Don'ts for Handling Workplace Conflict

By Joan Lloyd

Everything was fine before your small company landed the big new contract. Everyone is working harder. Now your employees' tempers are flaring and fingers are pointing. People who once seemed to get along well are barely speaking to each other. In the last few weeks, your office has become a revolving door of complaints and conflicts. You've been hearing complaints about one of your employe...

Most Popular HR & Management-Related Articles

Organizational structure can be underlying cause of workplace issues

By Joan Lloyd

Organizational structure, much like a human skeletal structure, determines what shape an organization will take. We don't spend much time thinking about our skeletal structure until something breaks, and so it goes with organizations. How an organization is structured basically means how the reporting relationships and work teams are organized. It reveals a great deal about the culture, function a...

A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff

By Janine Moon

With some clarity I remember hearing my Mother say, "That's why they call it work!" The comment usually was in response to a complaint about a seemingly difficult or distasteful task. Work, then, became synonymous with anything but play. Always difficult, and something to be suffered. While I've since discovered that "fun work" or "engaging work" is not an oxymoron, many workers have not. The res...

What questions can employers legally ask?

By Nick Reddin

Question: What questions can employers legally ask? When dealing with background checks, are there limits to how far back they can go? Are they just looking for felonies or misdemeanors too? I hate answering these questions. I am in the process of getting an assault charge cleared from 12 years ago that was a false charge to begin with. This is a great question that a lot o...

Random HR & Management-Related Articles

Corporate Culture - The Competitive Edge

By Gayle Lantz

You’ve probably seen the news about Google being ranked by Fortune as the number one best place to work. Its unique culture helps the company attract thousands of job applicants each day. The Google corporate culture works for its market. Whether you’re running a large company, a division or a small business, there is a culture that exists that can affect your ability to compete. Ever...

Calibrate performance review ratings across your management team

By Joan Lloyd

If you are a manager who takes the responsibility of doing performance reviews seriously you are probably frustrated with the process. It’s far from a perfect science but one thing is certain, if promotions and other career decisions are based in part on the performance reviews of employees, it’s important that managers are consistent in how they evaluate employees. Impossible y...

Information: Share It

By Bev Kaye

Information is power. But you've known that for a long time. As kids we knew that having the inside scoop is cool and we felt important if we were given information that others did not have. If information is power, then being "out of the loop"—lacking information—might leave one powerless. Your employees want you to be "in the loop" and they want and need you...