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Communicating as a Leader

By Dianne Booher

The essence of leadership is communication. My book Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader covers the four parts to developing and strengthening the ability to persuade, influence, and connect, it’s not surprising how often readers thumb through that book and comment on how many of the skills have to do with communication. Then they often launch into a story abo...

Don’t Confuse Anger With Aggression

By Joan Lloyd

Does the ability to get along with people on the job mean that you should never get angry? Hardly. In fact, managers who attempt to suppress their own anger and avoid confrontation may be seen as non-assertive and ineffective by their fellow workers at all levels. Some people are reluctant to express anger because they confuse anger with aggression. Anger is not only a natural emotion but one that...

First Time Hirers: Should You Do Social Media Background Checks?

By Michael Klazema

Perhaps you are in the process of growing a new business, or maybe you got promoted into a role where you are responsible for interviewing and hiring a few new team members at your job. Either way, you will have to learn the ropes of the hiring process, and suffice to say that it’s a fairly complicated gauntlet to run. In fact, the hiring process may seem so complicated at first that it coul...

Most Popular HR & Management-Related Articles

Organizational structure can be underlying cause of workplace issues

By Joan Lloyd

Organizational structure, much like a human skeletal structure, determines what shape an organization will take. We don't spend much time thinking about our skeletal structure until something breaks, and so it goes with organizations. How an organization is structured basically means how the reporting relationships and work teams are organized. It reveals a great deal about the culture, function a...

A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff

By Janine Moon

With some clarity I remember hearing my Mother say, "That's why they call it work!" The comment usually was in response to a complaint about a seemingly difficult or distasteful task. Work, then, became synonymous with anything but play. Always difficult, and something to be suffered. While I've since discovered that "fun work" or "engaging work" is not an oxymoron, many workers have not. The res...

What questions can employers legally ask?

By Nick Reddin

Question: What questions can employers legally ask? When dealing with background checks, are there limits to how far back they can go? Are they just looking for felonies or misdemeanors too? I hate answering these questions. I am in the process of getting an assault charge cleared from 12 years ago that was a false charge to begin with. This is a great question that a lot o...

Random HR & Management-Related Articles

The "How To Be Likeable" Series. Ten Things You Can Do Today.

By GL Hoffman

To a large measure, your likeability will lead to success or failure. It often trumps skill levels in surveys of HR people who are asked to name the most important characteristic of job candidates and employees. Other than "don't be a jerk" what can you do to increase your own likeability? Is it really possible to change? Or, do you believe your likeability has been set by some cosmic forces, and ...

Making the Transition to Manager

By Dan Bobinski

Getting promoted is a common goal, but perhaps the most difficult promotion is transitioning from line worker to front-line supervisor. Why? Because the skills that made one successful in the rank and file are not the skills one needs for success as a supervisor. If you’re a recently promoted line worker—or are looking to get promoted—it’s time to learn a whole new skill se...

Holiday Gift Giving

By Joan Lloyd

Dear Joan: I just started a new job and manage 10 people directly. I am very uncomfortable with the whole gift giving thing at Christmas, especially, but also birthdays. I’d like to set a precedent with this holiday so am looking for advice. I don’t like to GET gifts, nor do I like to give them. I feel awkward, however, saying to folks, “Please no gifts.&...