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Newest HR & Management-Related Articles

Are you spending as much to retain employees as you are to recruit them?

By Brad Squibb

From hiring recruiters, to advertising, to creating top-notch onboarding programs, it’s no secret that companies spend millions of dollars a year to attract top talent. The problem for many organizations is the investment stops there – meaning far fewer funds are allotted to retention efforts after employees are hired. “It is quite amazing that companies often invest so much in r...

8 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress During December

By Jeana Quigley

December is a stressful time for HR. Not only are you having to deal with the stress of the upcoming holidays, you are trying to keep your employees focused and productive, all while putting the final touches on the company holiday party. Here are some simple things you can do (and encourage your employees to do) during this stressful time of year: 1. Just breathe. When you’re starting to fe...

Getting it Right the First Time: The Art of Communicating Expectations

By Laura Stack

In general, people like to talk more than they like to listen. This causes enough problems in the normal course of human affairs, but in the workplace, poor communication can result in a loss of time and money. Consider this minor example: A technical writer explains to his editor that the client wants to use an archaic spelling for a specific word on a report’s cover. Nevertheless, she chan...

Most Popular HR & Management-Related Articles

Organizational structure can be underlying cause of workplace issues

By Joan Lloyd

Organizational structure, much like a human skeletal structure, determines what shape an organization will take. We don't spend much time thinking about our skeletal structure until something breaks, and so it goes with organizations. How an organization is structured basically means how the reporting relationships and work teams are organized. It reveals a great deal about the culture, function a...

A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff

By Janine Moon

With some clarity I remember hearing my Mother say, "That's why they call it work!" The comment usually was in response to a complaint about a seemingly difficult or distasteful task. Work, then, became synonymous with anything but play. Always difficult, and something to be suffered. While I've since discovered that "fun work" or "engaging work" is not an oxymoron, many workers have not. The res...

What questions can employers legally ask?

By Nick Reddin

Question: What questions can employers legally ask? When dealing with background checks, are there limits to how far back they can go? Are they just looking for felonies or misdemeanors too? I hate answering these questions. I am in the process of getting an assault charge cleared from 12 years ago that was a false charge to begin with. This is a great question that a lot o...

Random HR & Management-Related Articles

Dress Codes Work

By Dale Kurow

Dress codes in the office are not uncommon. Establishing wardrobe guidelines is a simple and effective way to shape your company’s image which projects onto you, your business partners and your customers. While the definition of “appropriate dress” may depend on the nature of your industry, the fact remains that what you wear sends a message about your commitment and professional...

Don't shoot the messenger

By John Putzier

Dear WOW: What do you do if you know something is going on in your company that you think the management should want to know, but you are afraid to tell them because you don't want to take the risk of them shooting the messenger, i.e., me! I know you probably want specifics, but how about I give you a couple of examples instead? What if my boss is doing something unethical, immoral or illegal? Obv...

How to kill morale and birth an exodus

By Dan Bobinski

The story you’re about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. My purpose for writing this is so that by reading it, people might learn what not to do. Zoe is the departmental director for a 45-person department. Her employees are highly-trained and regulated. Working two different shifts in three locations, they’re responsible for making highly-sophistica...