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Newest HR & Management-Related Articles

Ten Questions That Encourage Open, Positive Performance Discussions

By Joan Lloyd

Dear Joan: I was recently promoted to a senior executive position in my company. I have worked with most of my direct subordinates for many years as their peer and now I find myself in the role of their boss. Fortunately, my relationship with them is very good. My concern is that I must evaluate them at the end of the year and complete their performance review. Please be assured that I am not hesi...

Increasing Your Team’s ROI: The Benefits of Consistent Training

By Laura Stack

Great managers understand that in order for your team members to be productive and do a great job, they need to have the right tools. Some need blazing-fast computing power; others require smartphones and tablets that let them do their work on the go; still others might require specialized instruments to maximize their performance. Whatever the case, all of them need consistent training, undertake...

Meetings present a maze of problems

By Joan Lloyd

If you want to get the most out of the meetings you lead, you must know how to manage different situations as they come up. Any group of people working together will bring a wide range of needs and abilities that you can direct, much like a traffic cop at a busy intersection. Before we look at some problem situations, let's consider the important leadership characteristics that establish a ...

Most Popular HR & Management-Related Articles

Organizational structure can be underlying cause of workplace issues

By Joan Lloyd

Organizational structure, much like a human skeletal structure, determines what shape an organization will take. We don't spend much time thinking about our skeletal structure until something breaks, and so it goes with organizations. How an organization is structured basically means how the reporting relationships and work teams are organized. It reveals a great deal about the culture, function a...

A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff

By Janine Moon

With some clarity I remember hearing my Mother say, "That's why they call it work!" The comment usually was in response to a complaint about a seemingly difficult or distasteful task. Work, then, became synonymous with anything but play. Always difficult, and something to be suffered. While I've since discovered that "fun work" or "engaging work" is not an oxymoron, many workers have not. The res...

What questions can employers legally ask?

By Nick Reddin

Question: What questions can employers legally ask? When dealing with background checks, are there limits to how far back they can go? Are they just looking for felonies or misdemeanors too? I hate answering these questions. I am in the process of getting an assault charge cleared from 12 years ago that was a false charge to begin with. This is a great question that a lot o...

Random HR & Management-Related Articles

Here Are Ways Which Are Making Average Managers Into Outstanding Ones

By Andrew Rondeau

Do you want to be the best manager around and earn the respect you deserve? Do you want to motivate your staff, increase their productivity and be a super-successful manager? Of course you do. I mean, who wouldn't? Well this is what it takes. Top successful managers never overlook this fact: loyal, productive employees are one of your biggest assets. From corporate cubicles to the factory floor, i...

11 Ideas to Recognize Employees for FREE!

By Jeana Quigley

One of the most important parts of getting employee recognition just right is making sure to tailor it to each employee. Of course, this means you need to know your people and what motivates them (and what doesn’t). Some people don’t like to be singled out or publicly recognized, while others may thrive on it! In fact, some employees may prefer a simple thank-you note or a “thank...

Creating Conditions for Sustained Success

By Dan Bobinski

What brings success? Is it better leaders? Better products? Better salespeople? What about better performance management systems? Any of the above may bring some level of improvement, but research by the consulting company VitalSmarts reveals that sustained top performance can be tied to one thing; how well people communicate within a company. More specifically, sustained success requires a cultur...