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Ten Tips for Conducting a Job Search

By Alvah Parker

  1. Plan a daily schedule - Have specific hours during the day that you are at your desk working on finding a new job. Be sure to leave time for exercise and being with friends. Keep your schedule similar to the one you had when you were at work.

  2. Set aside enough time to do the job search well - Be realistic about the time you need to do these tasks. If you do not allot enough time you will be careless about the job applications.

  3. Treat your job search as a business - You are a sales executive in your business selling a product and the product is you. As with any product you have to have a lot of prospects before you make one sale. Have lots of balls in the air. Ask any sales person about his/her sales funnel.

  4. Be a good record keeper - Keep track of the jobs you have applied for and where and with whom you have had interviews. Follow up will be easier if you have the information all in one place. Keep notes on phone conversation and interviews

  5. Have other meaningful work. Do some volunteer work or contract work. It gives you something to talk about when you interview and makes you feel productive and useful.

  6. Stay positive - Do what it takes to keep happy and optimistic. No one wants to hire someone who is angry or sad. This may mean splurging on dessert, letting go of the anger you feel about the job you lost, buying a new outfit, and/or taking the weekend off. Denial or holding a grudge will not make you happy. Do not put your life on hold.

  7. Find a partner to work with - A job search can be very isolating. Find a friend or a coach to talk to you regularly. Tell him/her what is happening in your search. Brainstorm and strategize with your friend or coach. Rehearse with the person when you have an interview or when you are going to make an important call.

  8. Work to objectives - Set realistic goals (number of networking contacts, number of interviews etc.) that you are able to accomplish and then feel good about.

  9. Strengthen your confidence - Do whatever it takes to make you feel confident and happy during your job search. This may mean part time work or being with people who recognize you as the capable person you are. You must exude confidence and energy to be hirable.

  10. Join a group for group support - Exchanging ideas with others is helpful. A job opportunity that is not right for one member of the group may be right for you. You might look to the group for social activities too. If there is no existing group in your area, how about starting one?