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Why is Having a Personal Brand So Important for My Resume?

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Personal branding is the new trend—and I'm sure, if you've been in the job search market and done even minimal research about resume writing, then you've heard these terms: personal branding, value proposition, and career summary. So what is personal branding … and what does it mean to you?
Personal branding is what differentiates you from every other job seeker out there. Let’s suppose that you are in sales and marketing. Well, so are millions of other people. When you create and showcase your personal brand in your resume you are giving the employer a snapshot of who you are, as well as the talent, passion, and vision you can bring to their organization. Your personal brand is comprised of a combination of your accomplishments, contributions, talent, passion, and vision. These five points separate you from the massive herd of other job seekers. What is even better is that most job hunters are completely clueless about personal branding—yet it is such a vital part of your job search. Including one means you are already light years ahead of everyone else.
So let's recap: A personal brand is a compilation of your unique accomplishments, contributions, talent, passion, and vision—five key elements that no other job seeker could possibly possess. You take this information and incorporate it into your resume (hint: the first third of the document is the best place) and voilà! Now you are unique—unlike all the other job seekers out there. In this job market, unique is definitely better.
Is your resume different? Or is it the same as everyone else’s? Are you utilizing a personal branding statement and showcasing your unique talent and passion throughout your resume? Send it to to find out.