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How Do I Look For A New Career?

By Julie Walraven

Are you launching a new career? For many people who returned to school as an adult, they may be facing a new career path. Or perhaps you are looking for a new career because you are ready for a new challenge?

Where do you look for jobs for a new career?

Most job seekers I speak with are excited about looking online: Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Simply Hired, and many other job boards have listings. While job boards are a good resource, they should never be your only resource.

When you graduate with a new degree or are wanting to use your skills in a new way, you may be unsure of what companies fit your degree or talents. Here’s your checklist:

  • Research companies

  • Target your job zone

  • Use LinkedIn to find contacts within the company

  • Network with employees or resources

  • Conduct informational interviews

  • Isolate a target job

Start with making a list of companies you might want to work for and research those companies to see how your new skills might correlate.

What are your geographic targets? Are you only looking within 50 to 100 miles of your residence or are you looking at particular states or areas of the country? This opens the door to a broader search.

Network to find your new career

After you start to define the companies that fit your needs, turn to LinkedIn and check the company page. You can then find out if you know employees at the company.

Network with company employees if you already know them. “Hi Joe, I am looking to change my career and I am really interested in learning more about ABC company and the work it does in Engineering Solutions, do you have 10 minutes to talk with me tomorrow or could we carve out a time to have coffee in the next week?”

You just set up an informational interview. I still like that term—it sets the purpose for the meeting. You are meeting to learn more about the company. Prepare a list of specific questions for Joe before you speak. You are not looking to hand off your resume at this point, you are collecting information.

Once you know a company has the job you want, then find the best contact possible to send your resume. Apply online if they require you to do so but when possible find a back door to get your resume into the company.

Job search today is all about research and finding connections. Job boards may work, but research and networking can get you just as far. You need to make sure you do everything you can to get your resume in the hands of a decision maker.