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Resolution or Revolution!

By Barbara Wulf

It comes once a year, this month of January… new year, new calendar, new ideas, new goals and sometimes, old ways. We want a fresh start, a clean slate to our new year, but we can sabotage ourselves by bringing the old baggage of what has failed us before. Do you know what I mean?

We want to clean up our desk and use the newly purchased organizing system. We plan to get in shape and use the new health membership we gifted ourselves. We intend to work on our time management after attending a seminar and buying the set of CDs. And then it happens, just like the song lyrics… “slip sliding away.” Stuck, no positive results, no change. Ugh!

Perhaps it’s time to really shake up your life and consider a REVOLUTION rather than a Resolution. Take a look at the definitions:

  • Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something
  • Revolution: a dramatic and wide reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it

Hear the difference in the intensity of the two definitions? Feel the difference in the commitment to change? In my opinion, the idea to “get going” and “get the lead out” is strongly linked to perspective.

With a Resolution, it’s easy to start “firm” in our commitment and soon move to “soft” unless we are required to be accountable. Millions of people try a resolution every January and lose the momentum before achieving the desired results. It’s the “oh well,” maybe next year pattern. Most resolutions are not thoroughly thought through. On a whim, we make a resolution without a plan and steps to succeed. Most resolutions are not specific with checks and balances. No wonder we soon break our resolutions.

Now, shift your perspective and focus on the word, revolution. What is it to think about having an internal revolution to shake up an aspect in your life? For me, the word revolution sends a chill up my spine and sense of a “no kidding” type of attitude. Yes, a personal revolution is taking a resolution to a higher level. It’s a serious commitment that calls me forward and makes me ask if I’m up to the task to play the bigger game in my life. I have to answer Yes or No, there’s no room for a Maybe. It’s a bit like “tough love.” I have to question, am I worth it? A personal revolution asks us to step up to the plate, say what we need, and say what we are tired of tolerating. We have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone to achieve it.

Some people will experience a revolution with personal crisis or unwanted health change that forces them to change their ways. How many of us know someone who suffered a heart attack and now is forced to change eating habits, drop weight and begin to exercise. This is an external revolution that is remedial and mandated. What would it be like to take control and make a choice to create an internal revolution where you are in the driver’s seat? You have the power to take charge of your life before external factors and change are forced upon you.

As the New Year comes around, think about where you want to take your life. Will a New Year’s Resolution give you the results you want or is a New Year’s revolution needed? If you’re up to the challenge and willing to commit to change, a revolution can provide the permanent change that is life changing and provides the impact you want.