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Posted Jul. 1, 2013

Take The NYPD Police Officer Exam
At One Of The New York City Testing Centers!
In Downtown Brooklyn OR Lower Manhattan

Take the NYPD Exam 6 days a week (Mon - Sat) at one of the NYC Testing Centers located in Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.
Why should you consider a career as a Police Officer? Aside from the benefits and stability that surpass what many industries are providing today, the police profession offers a variety of work assignments, and unlimited growth opportunities. This is a career that doesn't tie you to a desk; in fact it allows you to be part of the community, meeting people and resolving real world problems.


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Police Officers receive full pay and benefits from their first day of recruit training. The salary schedule (per annum) for Police Officers will be:

Base Pay:
  • Currently $41,975
  • After 11/2 years $43,644
  • After 21/2 years $48,779
  • After 31/2 years $53,270
  • After 41/2 years $56,609
  • After 5 years $56,609
  • After 51/2 years $76,488

Total Compensation:
  • Currently $44,744
  • After 11/2 years $48,173
  • After 21/2 years $53,819
  • After 31/2 years $58,786
  • After 41/2 years $62,455
  • After 5 years $69,005
  • After 51/2 years $90,829

The base pay will increase every year to $76,488 after 51/2 years. When including base pay, longevity pay, night shift differential, holiday pay, and uniform allowance, a Police Officer will earn $90,829 before overtime after 51/2 years of service.

  • 10 Paid vacation days during first & second year
  • 13 Paid vacation days during third, fourth and fifth year
  • 27 Paid vacation days after 5 years of service
  • Excellent promotional opportunities
  • Unlimited sick leave with full pay
  • A choice of paid medical programs
  • Prescription, dental, and eye glass coverage
  • Annuity fund
  • Availability of a deferred Compensation Plan, 401K and I.R.A.
  • Optional retirement at 1/2 salary after 22 years of service
  • Annual $12,000 Variable Supplement Fund (Upon retirement)
  • Annual banking of $12,000 Variable Supplement Fund after 22 years of service (If not retiring)
  • Additional benefits are available for Military Personnel

Every Police Executive started as a Police Officer and Police Officers develop expertise in everything from computers to community organization. With over 300 Specialized Units, there are no glass ceilings or dead ends. You can go as far as your willingness and determination will take you. Many of our officers become specialists in Aviation, Highway Patrol, Emergency Services, Crime Scene Analysis, Criminal Investigations, Drug Enforcement, Detective Bureau and much more. The skills you'll learn, the growth you'll experience and the benefits you'll earn will truly last a lifetime.

AFTER THE WRITTEN TEST... you must pass:
  • Medical examination (including a drug screening test)
  • Psychological examination
  • Physical agility examination
  • Background & character investigation

THE DAY YOU ARE HIRED... you must:
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have 60 college credits with at least a 2.0 GPA or 2 years active military experience
  • Have a valid NYS driver's license without restrictions
  • Not have been convicted of a felony
  • Be a resident of New York City or the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange or Putnam Counties

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Take The NYPD Police Officer Exam.

NYPD is An Equal Opportunity Employer

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