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Top 10 Worst Words to Use on Your Resume

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Recruiters have confirmed my suspicions! Recently, a survey of more than 2,200 hiring managers revealed the worst words you can use on your resume. Below you’ll find the top 10 offenders: Best of breed Go-getter Think outside of the box Synergy Go-to person Thought leadership Value add Results-driven Team player Bottom-line Hard worker A list made up mostly of soft skills that...

Is Your Technology Keeping Up With Your Job Search?

By Julie Walraven

In my world, technology and the ability to manage technology is ever-changing. For example, recently, we changed phones for my husband, Bill, and myself as well as service providers. His old phone wasn’t working and mine had started to get glitchy. We initially went backwards with him to a flip phone because Bill’s technology skills are very different from mine and his old smart phone ...

How Does a Background Check Really Work?

By Michael Klazema

How Does a Background Check Really Work? If you’ve gone to a job interview recently or been hired for a job, then you’ve probably undergone an employment background check. These checks search for information from your past, including criminal history, outstanding wants and warrants, driving records, previous employment, and more. In short, these checks are an insurance strategy for you...

Most Popular Jobseeker-Related Articles

Questions You Should Ask During The Job Interview

By Carole Martin

At some point, usually at the conclusion of the interview, you may be asked, "Do you have any questions?" A common answer to this question is, "No, I think you've covered everything very well." This is the wrong answer! You have passed up your opportunity to ask some critical questions that may make a difference as to whether you want to work for this company. Here are some rules and basic questio...

Sending Your Resume and Cover Letters Via Email

By Alison Doyle

When you apply via email, there are a couple of options. You can write your cover letter directly into an email message (the same rules for writing a proper letter and proofing it apply) and attach your resume (a MS Word attachment is best). Or, you can attach both your resume and letter, as separate documents to the email address. Send yourself a copy, as well (use the bcc: field in your email p...

The 14 Ways to Look for a Job

By Richard Bolles

Not many people realize it, but the job-hunt is one of the most studied phenomena of our time. It is amazing what we know about it. Acquainting yourself with this research can pay rich dividends to any job-hunter, and especially if your job-hunt is running into trouble. Let me illustrate what I mean. Most job-hunters think there are basically only three ways to go about their job-hunt: resumes, ...

Random Jobseeker-Related Articles

3 Habits of Highly Ineffective Job Seekers

By Kevin Donlin

After speaking to and counseling nearly 10,000 job seekers since 1996, I've witnessed many successes. I've seen people sail smoothly from one position to the next, in good times and in bad. Unfortunately, I've seen many failures, too. Some folks spin their wheels and struggle for months to land a job, no matter what the economy is doing. That's just life -- failure is more common tha...

5 Tips to Digitize Your Job Search

By Joey Trebif

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” – Jack Welch I remember reading not too long ago that the last company to manufacture typewriters just announced they are ending production. Typewriters? What’s that you may ask (ancient history). In one way, it is a little sad for those of us that grew up in the days of pre-computer typing days. But in another...

Time for a Change?

By Susan Morem

Dear Sue: I have a great position. I make good money, have a great boss and a wonderful staff working for me. However, due to company politics and a possible reorganization of the company, there is a chance that within the next year the person who previously held my job, and is very cozy with my boss, may want it back. I don't want to be paranoid, but I am concerned because I know I wouldn't want ...