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11 Mistakes Candidates Make in Job Interviews

By Lida Citro├źn

With all the training, coaching, and resources available for job seekers, hiring managers remain astounded by the missteps candidates make in interviews. When interviewing for a job or promotion, your goal as the candidate is to highlight your offer as a benefit for the company, show a direct correlation between your experience and the goals of the company, and demonstrate how your values align w...

How to be More Marketable as a Job Seeker

By Julie Walraven

How do I make myself more marketable as a job seeker? This is the million dollar question. If you are not marketable, you will struggle to find a job and once you find one, you will struggle to do the job. There are many different aspects about being more marketable in your job search. Start with your technology skills Job seekers need to make sure they keep their skills honed while searchin...

Where Should You Start Your Job Search?

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

You hear it over and over again. People say things like, “There are just no jobs out there!” And, “No one’s hiring for the kind of position I want.” Most of the time, when people say things like this, it’s because they aren’t looking in all the right places. They think that all available jobs on the market are posted on job boards, and so that’s wher...

Most Popular Jobseeker-Related Articles

Questions You Should Ask During The Job Interview

By Carole Martin

At some point, usually at the conclusion of the interview, you may be asked, "Do you have any questions?" A common answer to this question is, "No, I think you've covered everything very well." This is the wrong answer! You have passed up your opportunity to ask some critical questions that may make a difference as to whether you want to work for this company. Here are some rules and basic questio...

Sending Your Resume and Cover Letters Via Email

By Alison Doyle

When you apply via email, there are a couple of options. You can write your cover letter directly into an email message (the same rules for writing a proper letter and proofing it apply) and attach your resume (a MS Word attachment is best). Or, you can attach both your resume and letter, as separate documents to the email address. Send yourself a copy, as well (use the bcc: field in your email pr...

The 14 Ways to Look for a Job

By Richard Bolles

Not many people realize it, but the job-hunt is one of the most studied phenomena of our time. It is amazing what we know about it. Acquainting yourself with this research can pay rich dividends to any job-hunter, and especially if your job-hunt is running into trouble. Let me illustrate what I mean. Most job-hunters think there are basically only three ways to go about their job-hunt: resumes, ...

Random Jobseeker-Related Articles

Three Ways You Can Protect Your Job in Times of Economic Uncertainty

By Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Are you looking for positive and tangible ways to increase your real and perceived value to your current company? If so, congratulations on your wise decision! Increasing your value can help avoid layoffs and job instability. It can also serve you in terms of excellent job reviews and potential salary increases. Not only will your focus pay off in real time, but also in the future! If you love you...

First Impressions Count

By Heather Isaacs

First impressions are often the most lasting in any situation, be it meeting a new friend, speaking in front of an audience, going on vacation or in the job search. Most job seekers think that the first impression is made when you're in an interview setting, but it begins much earlier when you first make contact with a prospective employer. Here are different areas where you can make a good...

Give Your Resume A Competitive Edge Today With This Key Strategy

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Are you telling the employer what you’ve done, or are you selling yourself to them by showing what you’ve accomplished? Telling the hiring manager what you’ve done sounds just like everyone else that ever held the same job. Selling them the idea of hiring you because of what you can accomplish is a more effective strategy. When writing your own resume, answer this one simple ques...