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How receptive are you to negative feedback?

By Brad Squibb

It’s a natural human reaction; when someone says something negative about us, we put up our defenses. From cooking to parenting skills to how well we do our jobs, life is full of critique. How receptive are you to feedback when it’s given? Constructive criticism is particularly valuable in your professional life. If you baulk at negative feedback, you’re missing out on a great career opportunity. Yes, that’s right, we said great career opportunity. Rather than getting defensive,...

Ideas for Recognizing Your Manager

By Cindy Ventrice

Are you looking for ideas for recognizing your manager? Good for you! So much attention is put on employee recognition that we sometimes forget about recognizing managers. We all need reminders (and ideas) for recognizing our managers. I recently heard from a reader whose manager has many different ways of recognizing the people in her department. Each month she puts up new posters praising something the group accomplished. She offers lots of verbal praise and writes plenty of notes. She has also...

Is Your Career a Promotion Waiting to Happen?

By Joey Trebif

Having any type of job nowadays can be considered a blessing, especially if you live in an area that has a high unemployment rate. But when you have been working your hardest for a long time and keep getting passed up for promotions, it is incredibly frustrating. While a small promotion might not seem like a big deal, it can be. Here are some things to understand about getting passed up by promotions and how to get the next one: Reasons you were passed up The first thing to understand is what...

Most Popular Your Career-Related Articles

Performance review - tips for writing your self assessment

By Joan Lloyd

Dear Joan: My performance review is coming up in a few weeks and I would like to ask you a question about something that has me ill at ease. Last week my boss asked me if I would fill out a ‘self assessment," which is basically filling out my own performance review. I have never done this before and I'm not sure what I should do. What is the purpose? Isn't my supervisor supposed to be doing my review? If I rate myself too low, do I risk getting a lower review and lower salary increase because...

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

By John Putzier

Have you ever been asked to describe your ideal work environment? What do they want to hear? What if I describe something that they cannot provide? Isn't this a no-win question? As I have indicated in prior "gut wrenchers" articles, when in doubt, tell the truth. What a concept! Actually, that is what you should do. The reason so many people find questions like these so difficult is because they don't even know what the truth is for them. Here is a way to find out. Take a piece of paper and draw...

The Art of Negotiating a Raise, Promotion, Better Job Title, and Bonus

By Teena Rose

Negotiation is a give-and-take process until an eventual agreement is reached between two or more parties. To understand the art of negotiation, a jobseeker must understand that it is a give process as much as it is a receiving process. Look at the proposition from the side of your employer. When faced with such a proposition, your superior will ask himself the reasons you're deserving of more and whether it's feasible for the department or company to give you such. Never, or very rarely, a company...

Random Your Career-Related Articles

Be More Child-like In Your Career

By Deborah Brown-Volkman

Kids believe in the best. Adults expect the worst so they won't be disappointed. As a mother of a toddler son, I watch a lot of kid's shows. What strikes me about these shows is the positive messages that come across; messages of hope and encouragement. Why is it that as adults we lose hope when it comes to our careers? Did career setbacks or the economy make negativity more prevalent than being positive? Remember back to a time in your life when you believed that anything was possible? A time when...

Can curiosity "kill" an organization?

By Gary Cohen

Q: When is my curiosity a detriment to the organization? A: When you log onto the Internet, do you stay focused on your search exclusively, or do you occasionally follow strings of curiosity? We often go where our curiosity takes us, which is human nature and usually fun. Problems arise, however, when our curiosity takes someone else for a ride. If you are conversing with a subordinate about their work, be sure to frame your questions. Explain why you are asking the question (you want to gather...

Career Opportunity Costs - What are Missed Opportunities Costing You?

By Georgia Adamson

Unless you have unlimited money and unlimited time—and who does?—the choices you make may be costing you dearly in terms of your career. Managers and business owners usually understand the principle that says if you spend time and money on one thing, you are, in effect, choosing not to spend it on something else—and that something else is a missed opportunity. Individuals involved in doing their own career management (or letting it slide and not doing it) don't always pay...