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How to conquer when life got in the way of your career

By Julie Walraven

I am convinced that some hiring managers feel they should only hire perfect people, people whose life never got in the way of their career. With that bias, they are missing a lot of great potential from people whose life got in the way of their career. How do I know? I have worked with many of them and once we helped them see their value and potential, these same people whose life got in the way o...

Is Social Media Disrupting Employees or Helping You Disrupt HR?

By Jeana Quigley

I think most things in life can be looked at in so many different ways depending on the time, an experience or the person. I’ve heard plenty of concern from HR about the productivity of their people when social media comes up. And how can HR not be concerned when 64% of employees are using work time to check in on web sites that have nothing at all to do with work (of course, this inc...

How To Choose The Right Career in 5 Proven Steps

By John Putzier

Successful careers do not just happen by accident, they are built. Growing up as a child was tough because I was considered “intelligent” and so everyone thought that I should be in the medical profession. Specifically, they wanted me to be a doctor. While they thought I should be a doctor, at the early age of 14, I had read most of my father’s sales books. I never understood the...

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Performance review - tips for writing your self assessment

By Joan Lloyd

Dear Joan: My performance review is coming up in a few weeks and I would like to ask you a question about something that has me ill at ease. Last week my boss asked me if I would fill out a ‘self assessment," which is basically filling out my own performance review. I have never done this before and I'm not sure what I should do. What is the purpose? Isn't my supervisor supposed to be doing ...

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

By John Putzier

Have you ever been asked to describe your ideal work environment? What do they want to hear? What if I describe something that they cannot provide? Isn't this a no-win question? As I have indicated in prior "gut wrenchers" articles, when in doubt, tell the truth. What a concept! Actually, that is what you should do. The reason so many people find questions like these so difficult is because they d...

The Art of Negotiating a Raise, Promotion, Better Job Title, and Bonus

By Teena Rose

Negotiation is a give-and-take process until an eventual agreement is reached between two or more parties. To understand the art of negotiation, a jobseeker must understand that it is a give process as much as it is a receiving process. Look at the proposition from the side of your employer. When faced with such a proposition, your superior will ask himself the reasons you're deserving of more and...

Random Your Career-Related Articles

The Follow-Up Phone Call: Avoid These Five Mistakes

By Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Have you sent your resume to HR or a key decision maker in a company? Now you need to make that dreaded follow-up phone call. What drives the fear of telephone networking is two-fold. There is that potential for personal rejection and the trepidation of calling a company and a stranger for the first time. To make the best first impression and ease into a positive conversation with your contact, av...

Winning the career war

By Nimish Thakkar

Behind the secure walls of corporate fortresses career warriors are relentlessly fighting -- at times with their own selves -- the battle to succeed. Victory and defeat have different connotations in this war, but the rules, the challenges, and the strategies are like any other, and although winning the battle may sound elusive, it really is a game of good timing, great strategy, and powerful alli...

Rescue Fantasies

By Nicole Williams

No judgment here. Based on conversations I’ve had with my friends, co-workers and young women around the country, everyone has a rescue fantasy of some sort. And let’s face it, when you’re pushing your limits – with your money, your work, your goals – some of these scenarios start looking pretty attractive. It just takes one brutal day to re-ignite your daydreams abou...