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3 Thoughtful Thanks Necessary to Build a Stronger Connection

By Maria Elena Duron

We know that appreciation that is seen as fake or manipulative is not received as appreciation at all. Yet, what also happens is mediocre attempts to appreciate someone that’s done more out of obligation or convenience can also have no effect, or even to negative effects, too. 1. Appreciate someone just for who they are Appreciate someone in your life for whom just being who they are makes y...

Tips for Moving from the Public to Private Sector

By Joey Trebif

There are a number of advantages to holding a government job, often times including a comprehensive benefits package, competitive pay and various paid holidays. However, for many, there comes a time when working for a private company seems to be a better option.Whether it’s to pursue career growth, start your own company or try something totally new, there are some things you should be aware...

Career Planning: How To Avoid Huge Regrets In The Future

By Julie Walraven

Did you know that most people never do any career planning? For them, the future just happens and you have no control over it. Unfortunately, when you go through life without any career strategy or career planning, you end up wondering at the age of 53 or 61, what happened to the rest of your life. Did you think career planning is just for students? The words “career planning” bring to...

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Performance review - tips for writing your self assessment

By Joan Lloyd

Dear Joan: My performance review is coming up in a few weeks and I would like to ask you a question about something that has me ill at ease. Last week my boss asked me if I would fill out a ‘self assessment," which is basically filling out my own performance review. I have never done this before and I'm not sure what I should do. What is the purpose? Isn't my supervisor supposed to be doing ...

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

By John Putzier

Have you ever been asked to describe your ideal work environment? What do they want to hear? What if I describe something that they cannot provide? Isn't this a no-win question? As I have indicated in prior "gut wrenchers" articles, when in doubt, tell the truth. What a concept! Actually, that is what you should do. The reason so many people find questions like these so difficult is because they d...

The Art of Negotiating a Raise, Promotion, Better Job Title, and Bonus

By Teena Rose

Negotiation is a give-and-take process until an eventual agreement is reached between two or more parties. To understand the art of negotiation, a jobseeker must understand that it is a give process as much as it is a receiving process. Look at the proposition from the side of your employer. When faced with such a proposition, your superior will ask himself the reasons you're deserving of more and...

Random Your Career-Related Articles

Are You People Smart?

By Michelle Mattsen

Have you ever noticed how some people are more comfortable around other people? It’s not just that they are at ease but that they may even excel at it. They know just how to act and what to say. When they should listen and when they should say something. More importantly, they instinctively are good at actively listening and formulating their language to suit the situation. Does this ...

Create and Utilize Your Employment Network

By Bob Roth

Every person can benefit from an effective employment network. In fact, your job search will likely be either successful or unsuccessful depending on the quality and effectiveness of the network you build. Here’s what you need to know: 1. Build your network Frequently, you should add people to your list of contacts, as you participate in activities, work in part-time and summer jobs and assi...

Six Strategies for Communicating As a Leader

By Dianna Booher

The essence of leadership is communication. Although the book Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader covers the four parts to developing and strengthening the ability to persuade, influence, and connect. It’s not surprising how often readers thumb through that book and comment on how many of the skills have to do with communication. Then they often launch into a...