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Chase The Big Dreams First

By Bob Roth

College students sometimes miss the point. They are so close to the trees that they can’t see the forest. They get bogged down in the minutia. Little things take on a level of importance that is overblown and unrealistic. That is why I recommend that students make a list of everything that is important to their futures and concentrate on making the few most important dreams come true. What...

How to Ask Your Boss For a Promotion

By Alex Macksoud

Asking for a promotion is a terrifying, nerve-wracking experience that everyone should do at least once in their career. The mere thought of approaching an intimidating boss and asking them to give you more responsibility is enough to give any person goosebumps. What if my boss says no? What if my boss fires me for asking? What if my boss thinks less of me for asking?” What if? What if? What...

Replace Office Politics With Great Company Culture

By Jeana Quigley

Whenever I hear someone talking about office politics, it’s usually accompanied with an eye roll or a growl. The office-politics game is frustrating for those who just want to go to work and do the best job they can. Power struggles and conflicts of interest only bring productivity down. You can list all the things your employees shouldn’t do—like gossip about each other, choose ...

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Performance review - tips for writing your self assessment

By Joan Lloyd

Dear Joan: My performance review is coming up in a few weeks and I would like to ask you a question about something that has me ill at ease. Last week my boss asked me if I would fill out a ‘self assessment," which is basically filling out my own performance review. I have never done this before and I'm not sure what I should do. What is the purpose? Isn't my supervisor supposed to be doing ...

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

By John Putzier

Have you ever been asked to describe your ideal work environment? What do they want to hear? What if I describe something that they cannot provide? Isn't this a no-win question? As I have indicated in prior "gut wrenchers" articles, when in doubt, tell the truth. What a concept! Actually, that is what you should do. The reason so many people find questions like these so difficult is because they d...

The Art of Negotiating a Raise, Promotion, Better Job Title, and Bonus

By Teena Rose

Negotiation is a give-and-take process until an eventual agreement is reached between two or more parties. To understand the art of negotiation, a jobseeker must understand that it is a give process as much as it is a receiving process. Look at the proposition from the side of your employer. When faced with such a proposition, your superior will ask himself the reasons you're deserving of more and...

Random Your Career-Related Articles

NEW YEAR! Looking Forward

By Barbara Wulf

The holidays are over; it’s a new month, a new year.January provides us with a clean slate, a fresh start, there’s a newness of where we are heading or what we could be about, what we could accomplish in 2008. The month of January takes its name from Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways.He is depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions.He looks ...

The roles of the follower

By Gordy Curphy

"It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody." Bob Dylan Bob Dylan got it absolutely right when he wrote the lyrics to the song, Serve Somebody. The fact of the matter is we all work for someone else. Employees work for supervisors, supervisors for managers, managers for executives, executives for Boards of Directors, Boards of Directors for shareholders, et...

How To Make The Right Career Moves

By Deborah Brown-Volkman

Are you making the right career moves? Or, are you waiting for the right career moves to come to you? Are you listening to your inner voice allowing it to guide your moves? Or, are you wishing that pesky voice would go away? One of the biggest career challenges is tapping into your inner voice when direction is needed. For example, how can you listen to what your heart says is the right career mov...