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How to Really Find a Job Online

By Alison Doyle

Excerpt from Internet Your Way to a New Job – How to Really Find a Job Online

Where to Find Jobs Online

Where are the best places to find jobs? If you ask career experts and job seekers, you’ll get a mixed bag of responses. There isn’t one site that works for everyone. It depends on the type of job you’re looking for and where you want to work.

Company Web Sites

Do you know where you want to work? If so, visit the company web site frequently to check job postings, and to apply online for available opportunities. You will find the job listings in either the Careers section of the web site or as a sub-section of About Us. At some sites, you may be able to set up email alerts to notify you of new listings.

Job Search Engines

The job search engines, like and, are a good way to get your job search off to a fast start. They work a little differently than the traditional job sites. Rather than listing jobs posted by employers, they are set up so users can search the entire internet (or most of it) in one step. The job search engines search the top job sites, company web sites, associations, and other sources of job listings.

The basic search is by keyword and location. Advanced Search options typically include type of position, company, radius of a specific location, and when the job was posted.

Most job search engines generate a list in your browser. You can also set up job search agents. New job postings matching the search criteria you set up are sent to you via email.

The job search engines sites do more than just find job listings. They also include “add-on” features you can use to find information about the company listing the position, the job, or the salary.

Local Job Search

Your local job search (focused on a specific geographic area) sites can be a treasure trove of job listings. My local Chamber of Commerce, for example, has a free job listing service for member companies. They can post jobs online and job seekers can apply via email.

There is often less competition on sites that are smaller and less visited. Not everyone knows they are there and there aren’t always a large number of local qualified applicants. I know several people who applied via that Chamber of Commerce web site I mentioned who heard within hours of applying regarding scheduling an interview.

The same holds true for helped wanted ads from your local newspaper and for small company web sites that are seeking local or regional candidates. Because they aren’t hiring on a national basis, they are interested in finding local candidates who they can hire relatively quickly.

Networking Sites

I’ve spoken to many hiring managers and recruiters who have had success finding qualified candidates on LinkedIn. Recruiter Andrea Santiago told me that, “I have had much better luck finding jobs or finding people for my jobs or my clients' jobs through professional association sites, and networking sites such as LinkedIn, etc. I've used LinkedIn as a networking tool for qualified contacts, and also have posted jobs with successful results. I like posting jobs on LinkedIn because it's cost-effective (costs less than half) compared to posting in the local [Atlanta] paper, and the candidates who reply to a posting on LinkedIn do so with built-in references.”

Remember, you can search for jobs and get in touch with contacts at the companies where you would like to work directly on LinkedIn, as well. So, include the site on your list of job search sites to check regularly.

Niche Sites

There are niche jobs for just about every imaginable career field from jobs in advertising to jobs at the zoo. There are job sites, like MonsterTrak, that focus on college grads and entry-level positions, and job sites like CoolWorks (one of my personal favorites) that has all seasonal job listings.

If you’re looking for a part-time job or a temporary job, there are sites dedicated to them. Want to work for the government or in construction, you’ll find sites with job listings. You can even find mystery shopper jobs online. There are sites dedicated to them too.

Regardless of the level of job (from entry level part time to professional), you name it, there’s a site for it. I have a directory of sites in various categories:

You can also search Google or Yahoo by the type of job you are looking for (i.e. construction jobs or media jobs) to find niche job sites that match your career field of interest.

Job Searching Tips

You will find a variety of search options on the jobs sites. The best advice I can give you is to be specific and narrow your search using the Advanced Search options. The more specific your search, the better the results will match up with your skills and experience.

Narrowing your search will also enable you to reduce the number of job listings generated to an amount you can manage. Your goal is to find jobs that are worth applying to. Be sure you have the right qualifications for the jobs, and the jobs are the type of positions you want in the location where you want to work.