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Ways To Bank On Your Resume

By Yuleni Pulido

Your resume is barely good enough to attract interviews let alone profiting from it. Right?

You are probably right, most resumes are not competitive enough to land you interviews for the job you want and are qualified for. This can be changed and once you have a new branding resume, you will more than likely be able to bank on it. There are several ways that can lead you to a good opportunity and allow you to bank on your current resume. Below are three methods you can start using as soon as possible.

1. Bank on your resume by sending your resume to jobs paying at least $10,000 a year more than you are currently earning. If your resume is created to market you for your target job and salary, then you can start sending it to jobs offering a better salary. Your resume needs to be dressed for success! It needs to be prepared to solicit greater benefits and financial compensation. Sending a resume that looks like you just graduated high school with basic writing skills will probably not open the doors you seek.

Do you know of someone with your similar background and qualifications, but is making at least twice the amount you are earning? I have met several people in that situation. Some of my clients, who are not earning as much as they were seeking, have shared this very same scenario.

2. Bank on your resume by creating your own opportunities. Be aggressive with your new resume and create your own opportunities. I share articles on LinkedIn about expanding and growing companies several times a week. Some of these businesses are opening new locations in other states. My hope is for someone who is experienced in the industry to see the article and take hold of the opportunity.

Companies that are growing and expanding often times need additional members to incorporate to their teams. Sometimes such businesses have not posted job vacancies online. That is great for you, because you know the entire country is not aware of this; thus, reducing your competition. These articles sometimes include names of key decision makers within the organization. Sending a brief value proposition letter along with your resume can lead to an opportunity. Again, banking on your resume!

3. Bank on your resume by working smart, not hard. I have Google Alerts set to notify me of growing and expanding businesses on a daily basis. You can set Google Alerts to notify you of the same or about growing and expanding companies within XYZ industry (your target industry). The alert can be set on a daily or weekly basis. This way, part of the research work is done for you. Sometimes it is not about working hard, but working smart. You probably will not bank on your resume by sitting and completing job applications. You have greater chances of banking on your resume by developing a list of target companies and contacting the person with the power to hire you.

Once you market your qualifications for the job and compensation you are seeking, you will be able to let your resume do the talking for you during your absence.

Are you banking on your current resume?